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A Voluntary and Not-for-Profit Organization headquartered in Patna City, the ancient city of Patliputra. A Self-less service and Youth oriented Team for Ganga, Nature, Society and Research.
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Ganga & Water Resources Rejuvenation
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Welcome to Gangeya

Now is the time to rise, stand and serve the Nature, Ganges and Society. Come, Join us.

Founder’s Desk…

The evolution of Life on the earth has been a wonder when we glance at our past, the cosmic time-scale. Every event occurred, as it should have been; every object was placed, where it should have been. Taking a note that We are at a perfect distance to the Sun, with perfect rotation and revolution as it should be. The Mother Nature has kept every component needed for life at an equilibrium, for instance we have optimum amount of oxygen in atmosphere with other gases. The Experts say if oxygen has been in large concentrations it would have oxidized/burnt us.

However, looking at our society and surroundings today, it fills us with a moment of grief what we have turned into. Genocides, Over-exploitation, Wars for resources, Pollution, Atrocities on earth for development, Fanaticism, Tyranny of a few over the masses, Shattering of the very humanity which has been bestowed to us, are just to name a few.
Be it our society or environment, with natural processes kept aside; our human civilization has failed to achieve what it could have. What interests us, is that, we do stand at top of the evolution but our activities do not.

The great thinker and an activist of African continent, Ken Saro-Wiwa once said that  “The environment is man’s first right. Without a safe environment, man cannot exist to claim other rights, be they political, social, or economic.” Today, the time has arrived when we need to think out of our well, our little box to share the responsibility for our Earth, our Society. Quoting the lines of our ancestors do lead us to belief We all are a Family.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Together, we all need to carry the baton forward for the Change. Let’s Change what we can, Do what we should, for our Earth and Society. Share your part too for that Change.


Today, we do need to stand for the Ganges, for the Nature, for the Earth, to save them and our own future. We must remember that every being however small has its right to fresh water, clean air and a pure environment.



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